Professional Theatre Production

En Pointe Classical Dance School gives everyone from the age of 4+ the opportunity to perform in front of an audience in a professional theatre setting. Rehearsals are planned so as not to be detrimental to those wishing to continue with regular syllabus and examination work.

Dance Performances have something for everyone to enjoy, and pupils love to demonstrate all they have attained, and build their theatre and performance skills and confidence.

Summer Show for 2016 • 2nd-6th Aug
Take the hand of fairies and come on a magical journey with us... Let us lead you to a fantastical dream world of pixies and fairies, as we perform on stage to friends and family. A brilliant mix of dance groups,this imaginative, young dance performance workshop will take your dancer from rehearsal to stage.

Taught by our highly experienced teachers, Summer Schools are a fun way to keep up your dance practice, learning new dances and having lots of fun. We welcome students aged 2-18. Attend a five day themed Summer School participating in two performance shows at the end of the week. Each group will learn dances to perform in two mini shows to friends and family with costumes hire, hair and make up included.

The classes will take place at the En pointe studios, the shows at the end of the week will take place at Poppleton road memorial hall. Costumes are provided for the shows, and if you wish to keep your child's costume, you may do so for only an extra £10. Workshops will be split into age appropriate groups for each day.

  • Ages 2+ at 10:00-11:00 (Ducklings)
  • Ages 4+ at 11:00-12:00 (Cygnets)
  • Ages 7+ at 12:30-13:30 (Doves)
  • Ages 9+ at 13:30-14:30 (Swans)
  • Ages 10yrs+ at 14:30-15:30 ( Grade 3 and above)

Saturday will be the performance day. In order for the Summer School to happen we will need a minium number of students attending. Thank you.

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Breathtaking show!!! Everyone worked so hard and it really paid off. The best ballet performance I've seen. Louise Clarke
Just Amazing. I always look forward to watching the dance show. It is a brilliant day for all dancers and family who come and watch them on stage. Meg Backhouse