Training to become a professional dancer at En Pointe Dance Studios, York.

When or if you are serious about ballet, start here at En Pointe. For children who are excited about classical dance and students who dream of a life onstage, En Pointe Classical Dance School offers a Royal Academy of Dance curriculum of increasingly challenging classes designed to provide a pathway to a career as a professional dancer.

Dance can inspire a variety of physical, social and creative benefits when it’s integrated into a healthy lifestyle or part of a dancers education. Our engaging classes aim to provide life-long learning experiences and access to dance opportunities in the city and the country. 


Royal Academy of Dance York


RAD exams are the most prestigious exams in the world of ballet. To get a pass is simply amazing, anything higher is just breathtaking. We can confidently say that we continue to have a 100% pass rate and this years exam at En Pointe have been the best since we started in 2013. You will not be entered if there is doubt you wont be able to pass. We don't set children up to fail. But children can either move up with their friends or stay on to work towards their current grade a little longer. 

Candidates are required to take time out of school to attend exams and examinations that are conducted by an RAD examiner. This is excused by the RAD for you and will contribute to your child’s UCAS points for later in life. After the exam, ther is a 6 week wait, results are then sent to RAD HQ where reports, certificates and medals are presented and sent to the school. We will then present them back to you.

Please contact Miss Donya if you require further infomation on the RAD examinations at our dance school for a personal reply:

Hi Miss Donya! Thank you so much for running the mock exams yesterday- J was feeling a bit nervous before but came out feeling confident and happy. She absolutely loves dancing and the confidence it gives her is incredible. Thank you for taking the time and effort to give them such great opportunities.
— Catherine, Dance mum
Preparing for a royal academy of dance ballet exam at en pointe York for children and adults

Age guide for RAD exams at En Pointe

Primary (minimum age of 6 years)
Grade 1-5 (minimum age of 7 years)
Grade 6-8 (minimum age of 11 years)
Intermediate Foundation (11 years)
Intermediate (12 years)
Advanced Foundation (13 years)
Advanced 1 (14 years)


At The Barre

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