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Our dance school has become the home to lots of young students discovering the wonderful world of dance. If there is one thing we do well, it’s dance. From studio to workshops to shows, En Pointe take great pride in nurturing the dancers to be the bests they can be. They gain confidence, grow strong, get more flexibility and learn to be creative. The teachers are highly passionate for dance and have all danced all their lives, with elite levels of teaching knowledge.

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Who we are

En Pointe was established in 2013 in York. What was really established was a promise. To passionately teach dance, to make every class, show, and performance breathtaking.

En Pointe is York's multi award winning dance school. From the moment you step into En Pointe Dance Studios you'll be welcomed by our professional, friendly dance teachers. Let them take your hand and introduce you to our wonderful world of ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap and Contemporary. Our passion and love of dance has inspired so many students that we now hold 'Best Dance Classes' in York award three years running. As registered teachers we practice the world recognised RAD which means you'll be taught by the best in the safety of new facilities. Come and join us as we are now looking for new budding dancers. If ballet isn't for you then why not trial our exciting classes on our schedule here

En Pointe ballet dancers outside the iconic York Minster

En Pointe ballet dancers outside the iconic York Minster

Child Safety

Your child's safety is very important to us. En Pointe believes that the welfare of the child is paramount, and that all children and vulnerable adults regardless of age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation or identity, or religious belief have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse.  En Pointe feel we have a ‘duty of care’ to provide a safe environment  here at our dance studios to promote the health and well-being of all our En Pointe students.  EnPointe also embraces all the principles contained in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1991 (UNCRC). This is the only international human rights treaty to include civil, political, economic and social and cultural rights. It sets out in detail what every child needs to have: a safe, happy and fulfilled childhood regardless of their sex, religion, social origin and where and to whom they were born. In a nut shell, your child is in good hands, as we practice up to date DBS and safeguarding policies.

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Term Fees

We have been listening to your feedback! Smaller more consistent payments!

We are now trailing a new 4 term system to enable smaller slightly more regular payments, with a consistency of term costs, so you will be able to anticipate your fees for each term. Term fees are due by the end date of one term, before the next commences. 
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Love dance, like we do.