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En Pointe Easter School 2018 — The Musical Cats

En Pointe Easter School 2018 — The Musical Cats

It's about so much more than Ballet!! Darcey has been coming since she was 2 1/2 she is now 6 1/2. She absolutely adores it, as do I. Darcey has always been quite quiet and shy in certain circumstances and En Pointe has helped her grow and develop in so many ways. Her confidence in making friendships, her focus and attention, her courage when it comes to the shows, her dancing of course and her belief in herself that she can make anything possible. It is like a life skills school that does ballet!!!! I cannot recommend it here highly enough, it is such a valuable investment in my daughter. Thank you so much Miss D and team for being such a positive influence in Darcey's world xx

Colleen Horne


My daughters (aged 4 & 2) both enjoy attending En Pointe ballet classes with Miss Rebecca. They have both grown in confidence as well as developing a love of ballet. I have also been able to recommend the classes to other families that we childmind for & have enjoyed bringing other children to the classes with my own children. It is then lovely for the minded children to go home & show their parents what they have learned each week. Miss Rebecca is a fantastic teacher & is well loved by all of the children that I take to her classes. I would definately recommend the classes to others

Dawn Harrison


Definately one of the best things about En pointe, ive spoke to a few mums recently about their childs future when i was asked for advice, and what i love about En Pointe is that your not just classed as a number, like some other dance schools in York where theres 25 in a class and rarely get any personal critique or advice. I feel like at En pointe they get what they need personally for them, and thats good. And, to be involved in these things is great, Evie loved it and im sure evie would say the same.

Dawn Aitchison


My two girls absolutely love coming to Ballet at En Pointe (aged 3 & 2). Holly has been attending now since baby ballet chicks and Lydia since June this year (2016). I can't recommend Miss Rebecca enough, her teaching skills with children so young are amazing! Highly recommend!

Donna Hey-Shipton


My 8 year old daughter had been to a different dance school when she was 4-5 yrs and just didn't feel at ease there. She tentatively joined En Pointe last year to do the Acro class and felt right at home with Miss Claudia - so much so that she happily (to my surprise) performed in the show which gave a much needed boost to her confidence Since then, she's joined the Jazz and Ballet classes and would like to do more if only there was time! The teachers are lovely and the school has just the right level of formality that puts the girls at ease but keeps them focussed at the same time. The staff make sure that we are well-informed of what's coming up or any changes. Definitely recommend En Pointe Classical Dance School in York!

Lucy Beales


My Daughter has been attending En Pointe ballet lessons since she was one. From the start she has loved going and the classes have always been fun and engaging. In the beginning the classes introduced movement combined with music and was very relaxed to allow the children to feel at ease and join in. We then progressed to the Ducklings class which started to introduce structure into the lesson but still retained a high level of fun. My Daughter has progressed really well and looks forward to going to Ballet, which is due to the wonderful teachers which run the lessons. I would recommend En Pointe without hesitation for both girls and boys.

Andy N Vicky McKevitt


My 11 year old has been dancing since she was 2 but has only recently joined En Pointe after it was recommended to me by another mum. Her previous ballet class was hard to get to and I was looking somewhere closer to home. I was very impressed with the teachers and the dance studios in York. I love how easy it is to get to and there is lots of parking. More importantly my daughter loves it and she really likes the ballet teachers. She enjoyed taking part in the dance show and recently got involved in the BBC programme so it has given her lots of opportunities. Would definitely recommend En Pointe Classical Dance School.

Sinead Murray Willis


My daughter has been at En Pointe since she was 2, and is now nearly 4. She loves En Pointe ballet school! The style of class is great for her as there is repetition week on week, and she often practices at home. Miss Rebecca (ballet teacher) is lovely and she says stuck to her the entire class (sorry Miss R!). This week 2 different people at her gym club commented on her balance and poise, and asked if she did ballet. Summer school at En Pointe was fantastic and she loved performing and having hair and makeup done! We are very pleased with En Pointe Classical Dance School and highly recommend the classes.

Leyla Guyer Erimhan


My little girl has been going to Miss Rebecca's Saturday morning class since she was walking & absolutely loves it. Would highly recommend it as its great for toddlers!! My lg loves practicing her twirls & pointing her toes after each class too. It's amazing what they pick up at such a young age.

Laura Tymon


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