Technique Dance Lessons

Stretching and strengthening exercises, to develop the committed ballerinas technique, posture, poise and flexibility. 

This class is highly recommended for all RAD Grade 1 + dancers. The technique lessons are crucial to those who wish to participate in RAD exams or dance en pointe. 

Passing on our teachers experience and knowledge whilst taught at the Royal Ballet Associates, Northern ballet theatre associates, Louise brown scholarship centre and Elmhurst in association with the Birmingham Royal ballet. 

balancing in technique class, York, Nether Poppleton

In technique class we:

  • Concentrate on particular muscle types to strengthen for dance

  • Use yoga balls

  • Teach an understanding of the skeleton and what we are trying to achieve with each exercise

  • Use therabands to increase flexibility

  • Work with each other to become a team of dancers

  • Have a fun 😀

building strength in the back muscles for kids in York

We believe dance is for everyone, no matter your ability or age so feel free to book a class today and enjoy a trial class to see what we are all about, and why En Pointe should be your first choice for classes in York.