Taking Ballet out of the Dance Studios

En Pointe arches ruins ballet

We took a select dancers out of the studios for a photoshoot at York Minster and York Museum gardens.

Just for fun, we decided to take our ballet students outside of the dance studios. For a morning in-front of the beautiful backdrops of York Museum Gardens and of course the York Minster.

The combination of ballet and the old ruins of York’s history made an impressive landscape for the En Pointe ballerinas. We had the weather on our side, and nothing to hold us back. Everyone really enjoyed themselves as well as all the York tourists. Miss Donya choreographed and managed to get the dancers to pose into some fantastic positions throughout the impressive and world famous York backdrops, using the ruins, lamp-posts and more. The ballerinas really enjoyed it and we’re sure they will all be very proud of the photos for years to come.

dancers ruins, york, ballerinas
Donya Keys