Mental health

Everyone knows that excercise is good for your body but actually there is benefits to your mind and mental health too. 

When you come to class you leave your problems behind the door. The feelings of joy. For some it’s difficult to even leave the home but hopefully if you can make it to the studio you can leave your worries behind and be with a group of people who have a combined interest.

Learn to hold yourself become more positive and confident. Use the dance as a tool for your everyday. 

It is physical poetry at times and helps you to grow in confidence with every session. It’s a great way to meet new people. It’s really rewarding to watch those who have been very dedicated to classes and to benefit from the lessons inside and out of the studio. 

Movement to music can be hugely beneficial. It doesn’t matter if your 2years old or over 82 years everyone should dance, the feeling of freedom and the chance to be creative is like nothing on earth. Dance really unites people of all walks of life. 

Being fit is important to us all. But in comparison to a gym you can be who you are, you can be self expressive and creative. 



Donya Keys