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Dance Classes

All our dance classes are held at En Pointe Dance Studios here in Nether Poppleton. If you would like to take a trial class, we welcome you to give it ago. En Pointe run classes for all ages over 4 terms in the year, 7 days a week. So, why not give it ago and we look forward to seeing you real soon.


Our En Pointe 'Baby Ballet Dance Classes' in York

Baby Ballet Chicks

From the moment your little one takes their first steps in life, discover our exciting, fun ballet classes to music.  

This is the best age to get your boy or girl into ballet as there is a wealth of social and physical benefits. 

These classes will develop your child's motor-skills, concentration, discipline, spacial awareness and fitness. Learning basic movements, being inspired by props. This class will develop muscle control on tiptoes, co-ordination with marching and strength with jumping. We focus on learning through role-play and building confidence. 

EnPointe's fully qualified, friendly teachers will assist your dancer. We encourage you to participate and get involved in the baby ballet chicks class too.


Dancing Ducklings dance class at En Pointe, York

Dancing Ducklings

Bring your little ballet fans to a fun-filled class for kids. Dance with us and get a glimpse into the wonderful world of ballet.

The class consists of a warm up, a story based dance class, learning basic ballet steps, and having as much fun as possible. We will be focusing on building confidence, discipline and motor-skills to prepare them for the next class. 

You are welcome to come and watch this imaginative and creative ballet lesson. After a curtsy or a bow stickers are given out as a reward for their hard work.

All our classes are taught by professionally qualified dance teachers with a passion for dance. 


Cygnets Primary ballet dance class at En Pointe, York


Our Cygnets (R.A.D Primary) ballet class is an active and skilful lesson, including the use of imagination, props and danced story telling. Your ballerina(s) will be taught structured technical ballet moves to music that build a fun filled detailed class.

Ballet training encourages your child's development and they will learn to:

  • Follow instructions
  • Gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions
  • Learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion
  • Getting active exercise which increases strength and flexibility
  • Become comfortable performing before groups

Come along and see why we are an award winning dance school, who knows, one day they could be dancing across stages all over the country and beyond. 

All our classes are taught by professionally qualified dance teachers with a passion for dance. 

En Pointe Grade 1 Classical Ballet, RAD, York

En Pointe Grade 1 Classical Ballet, RAD, York

Royal Academy of Dance - Grade 1

RAD Ballet Grade 1 is an exciting ballet class which introduces the fundamentals of ballet with emphasis on beginning ballet technique and positions. Enhancing your ballerina's body strength, memory and ballet language for learning dance routines. 

In this class we teach the student dancers to:

  • Develop long and strong muscles 
  • We will prepare you for Royal Academy of Dance Examinations
  • Gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish
  • Learn how to work to get what they want out of their performance
  • How to best exercise certain muscles to keep their bodies in shape so they can dance

This special class will not only consist of ballet training but will give the students an opportunity to make friends with other dancers too. 

All our classes are taught by professionally qualified dance teachers with a passion for dance.


Grade 2 Royal Academy of Dance student, York

Royal Academy of Dance - Grade 2

RAD Ballet Grade 2 classes is where our young dancers will learn complicated dance positions and difficult moves. We will push their talents and abilities to enhance and develop stamina and memory skills. 

There knowledge of ballet language will enhance as well as their ability as their muscles get stronger.

Ballet can offer physical, social and creative benefits to people of all ages, and in this class we step it up a gear and start to encourage more ballet disciplines to enhance techniques. These routines will challenge the dancer to achieve their very best morphing these dancers into beautiful swans.

Grade 3 of the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet in York

Grade 3 of the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet in York

Royal Academy of Dance - Grade 3+

These are our more prestigious classical ballet classes for the dedicated student that has become passionate with ballet, like us. 

Our focus is on creativity, musicality and accurate technique. We will support your dream into becoming an expert and teach you to prosper in ballet. 

You can achieve RAD examinations here at EnPointe. All dancers who successfully pass an examination will receive a certificate of achievement. These will gain you UCAS points too. 

Dance can inspire a variety of physical, social and creative benefits. Our RAD classes touch on all these areas. 

Technique Class, York 

Technique Class, York 

Technique Ballet Class

Stretching and strengthening exercises, to develop the committed ballerinas technique, posture, poise and flexibility. 

This class is highly recommended for all Doves (Grade 1), Swans (Grade 2), and RAD Grade 3+ dancers. The technique lessons are crucial to those who wish to participate in RAD exams or dance en pointe. 

Passing on our experience and knowledge taught at the Royal Ballet Associates, Northern ballet theatre associates, Louise brown scholarship centre and Elmhurst in association with the Birmingham Royal ballet. 

In technique class we:

  • Concentrate on particular muscle types to strengthen for dance
  • Use yoga balls
  • Teach an understanding of the skeleton and what we are trying to achieve with each exercise
  • Use therabands to increase flexibility
  • Work with each other to become a team of dancers
  • Have a fun
Pointe work, York

Pointe work, York

RAD Pointe Work

Once your teacher has decided you are of the correct strength, and capability, you will be invited to commence basic beginners pointe work, moving at your own pace. 

Beginner's Pointe will work at strengthening the ankles and core and introduce the basics at the barre, including rises, releve's, echappe's. Basic movements will be introduced in the centre after barre-work. 


Adult Ballet Classes at En Pointe York

Adult Ballet Classes at En Pointe York

Adult Ballet

Ballet isn't just for kids. Stretch yourself no matter what age or ability you are and drop into one of EnPointe's classes for adults. The adult ballet classes are personally structured, aimed at the relevant group and the groups capability. Within class we go over basic and challenging dance routines, warm ups and stretches. We focus on fitness and above all enjoyment.

We have adult classes in 

  • Adult Ballet Beginners

  • Adult Ballet Experienced

  • Adult  Royal Academy of Dance Grading

  • Advanced Ballet Training

  • Adult Tap Classes

  • Adult Contemporary

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Just turn up, wear something comfortable (like you would if you were going to the gym) and see what you think. Class times on our schedule page here.