En Pointe Presents

World of Dance


We are proud to announce this years big show at Joseph Rowntree Theatre

Every year we put together a show for all the family as dancer’s at En Pointe perform to you all on the grand stage. We invite you to take a seat on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June. GET TICKETS

World of Dance Performances with En Pointe

Date: 1/2 June 2018

Juniors Matinee performance: 2pm
Seniors eve performances:7pm

Place: Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York.

We invite all our students in Primary / Cygnets/ 4yrs+ classes to participate in the 2 matinee performances. (4 year olds are optional, we understand they are very young and may not wish to take part, just let your class teacher know)

The Junior Show rehearsal will be held at the JR theatre on 30 May at 6pm - 8pm.

We invite all our Students in Grade 2 (approx age 8yrs+) to participate in the Evening performances. (If you are unsure which show your child will be in, please check with their class teacher)

The senior show rehearsal is on 31 May at 6pm- 9pm

Please note, you can not help back stage or be in the theatre with rehearsals unless you have a DBS and are listed to help! 
If you have a DBS and wish to help, please email principal@enpointeyork.co.uk

Students will just need their leotard and dance shoes, no costumes are required for the theatre rehearsal. We will do costume rehearsals in class.

Costumes are just £25 each to purchase and keep.

We will aim to finish JUNIOR rehearsal at 8pm, please return to the theatre and wait outside at 8pm, and we will escort the children out to their parents.

SRNIOR rehearsal will aim to finish at 9pm.

Please pack some snacks and water. 


On the days of the shows, you will drop JUNIORS off at the stage door (at 10am on Sat, 12pm on Sun) with teaching staff and agreed DBS chaperones. 

The junior show should finish approx 4pm, and one adult can collect your child from the side stage door.

Seniors will arrive at 5pm for the 7pm performances.

Please note, you can not enter the theatre unless you have a DBS and are list to help.

(please prepare a non messy packed lunch for your child) no nuts! 

Ensure your child has all their costumes and accessories for the show. 
Please put your child’s hair in a neat bun, if you need a teacher to do this for you, please pack hair stuff, gel, spray, brush, bobbles, net, pins, grips, etc. 

ALL costumes shoes and clothing must be clearly labelled where possible.

Please could students wear plain white or skin coloured underwear. All Primary ballet need ballet socks. Grade 1 upwards wear ballet tights. (Just as in classes)

Please provide your child with something quiet to keep them entertained backstage. eg colouring book (no felt tips), reading books, etc. 

No valuables, remove jewellery at home.

No nuts in lunch boxes please. 

Please ensure emergency contact numbers are up to date on our “class4kids” booking system. 

En Pointé are not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items brought into the theatre. 

If your child will not be performing in the performances, please let us know asap.

If you have any further questions, please email us. 

Thank you

The Theme

The show’s theme is World of Dance which will give each dance class the opportunity to pick and choose a world destination and perform an interpretational dance piece to music. Costumes will be presented by your dance teacher and can be purchased via BACS stating your name and how many classes/performances you are in.

Dates and Times

BOOK Show 1 Sat 1 Jun 14:00  Matinée - Junior
BOOK Show 2 Sat 1 Jun 19:00 - Senior
BOOK Show 3 Sun 2 Jun 14:00 Matinée - Junior
BOOK Show 4 Sun 2 Jun 19:00 - Senior

Child Tickets are £7.50 Adult Tickets are £12.50


Along side the show we will be providing a photographer who has worked with us on shows for many years and captures wonderful moments of your boy or girl in the spotlight. These can be purchased after the show to and are located to the right before coming into the theatre seating. Photographs vary in price depending on how many you get.


Along side the photographer will be our videographer who will capture every moment as your dancer performs on stage. To buy a DVD you can make a purchase at reception in advance or after the performance. The DVD’s are £15.00


We need assistants back stage during the performances. If you would be willing to chaperone a group of children back stage, please get in touch. All chaperones must own a current DBS certificate. If you don’t have one, York council can help you with this.


There will be an opportunity to buy a programme at the Theatre. These cost just £4.00 these will list everyones names, photos* and any special mentions you’d like printing. Also, we run a competition to win a term of classes so make sure you get a copy to be in for a chance.


*Photos — please send your child’s profile photo to studio@enpointeyork.co.uk to be in the show programme gallery pages, a quick snap on a smart phone is fine. If you can make it look like the example that would be appreciated. No Black and white pics — Thank you.

Special mentions

Printed in the programme will be an opportunity to wish your dancer the best of luck on stage. The Special mentions are £5.00 please keep them under 30 words and can be emailed to studio@enpointeyork.co.uk you will get a confirmation receipt of the wording you’ve sent us if we have received it.

Parents please read…

Keep your dancers costumes clean and tidy. We recommend that if your dancer is in multiple dances with multiple costumes, that you clearly label them with your child’s name. Also, just like a school day please can you pack a ‘non messy lunch’ for example sandwiches, snack bars, fruit, raisons etc. Please AVOID NUTS, avoid yogurts and wet or crumbly food. There won’t be an opportunity to warm any dinners or use a kettle for your child’s lunch.

Time is of the essence so please drop your child off on time at the Theatre. You will receive an email with more details of this nearer the time.

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We encourage you to get your tickets as soon as possible as they sell out fast and don’t forget to invite Nan and Grandad!